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Networking & Cabling

Design, implementation, and maintenance of commercial and residential networks is a service in which Bleep Geek is prepared to handle. No matter the project size, Bleep Geek can assist.

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PC Repair

Are you worried about a possible malicious email you clicked on by accident? Issues with your PC running slow? Fan going out on your new desktop? Bleep Geek can assist with diagnoses and resolution of almost any PC related problem.

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Server Build-Out

Server build-outs and maintenance are among many of the specialties that Bleep Geek prides itself in. If you have a need for a server, let Bleep Geek provide you or your business with educated and experienced service.

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Fix. No Fail Mentality.

Bleep Geek LLC prides itself on experienced and reliable service. With nearly a decade of experience in commercial and residential tech solutions, Bleep Geek is more than capable of providing solutions to fit almost any budget.

Whether the need is a simple hard drive replacement on your PC, networking your business using wired or wireless, or building out a server to house your application, Bleep Geek can answer the call.

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