What is Bleep Geek LLC?

Bleep Geek LLC is a small business with BIG means. We are committed to providing affordable and managed services to both commercial and residential customers; regardless of project or request size.

Bleep Geek LLC is capable of providing a myriad of services within the information technology field. Project Management, Networking & Cabling, PC Repair, and Asset Management are a few of the available services offered. We are available to assist as a primary contract or a one time availability. No matter the issue, Bleep Geek LLC will work towards a resolution.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions regarding the scope of your request or with any general inquiries. Bleep Geek LLC will work to respond in a timely manner.

Meet the Owner/Founder: James Watjen

As a long time tech enthusiast and Vincennes University graduate, I have been involved in the information technology field for nearly a decade. Working with employers & clients in environments ranging from industrial manufacturing to managed services, I have had the opportunity to get first hand experience with a large number or vendors and products. Through the nearly 10 years of experience, I have managed and served as technical lead on projects ranging from implementing networking devices into manufacturing environments to building out Network Attached Storage (NAS) units for small to mid sized businesses. With the knowledge/experienced gained and certifications to back that knowledge, I am confident in handling any challenge that lies ahead.